RCL 2017

What you and I are today and the things we have already achieved in our lives are absolute blessings from our dear Father. Without Him, things will not be possible.


My message to Ellisras High School is that I hope every teacher and learner will handle every challenge and decision with good judgment. When it seems impossible, use time and ask for help from the Lord. Be brave and act with integrity. Take on your tasks with passion and energy to make a positive difference.


At EHS things are done well and it takes a lot of hard work and planning. The school is involved and supportive.


Whether it's your first or last year in Ellisras, never stop dreaming about what you want to achieve. Be a dreamer ... dream big! Because what I learned in life is that: When your dreams do not frighten you, your dream is not a dream. Enjoy every moment of being a Rassie, take part and make precious memories.


       Message from the RCL


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