In 1896 the first school in Ellisras, called Waterkloof, started.

It was a cane building at the exact spot where the Palm Park Hotel is today. This school has gradually petered out due to the difficult circumstances of that time - but in 1934 a "two men school", the Waterkloof School, was created, approximately 400 m south of Ellisras Hotel. This school accommodated learners up to standard six.


The enrolment rate has increased rapidly and a wood and corrugated iron classroom, and a local tent was erected. In January 1942 the school started with 105 pupils. Everything just started running smoothly, when a great storm burst and blew away the tent venue. In July 1947 the Waterkloof Central School was established for learners up to standard six. This is the current Laerskool Ellisras.


On 18 July 1952 the school committee gathered to discuss the possibility of "Secondary Education", and in 1958 this ideal is realized and the school called Waterkloof Group II was erected. In 1962 the first 21 matrics, matriculated at Ellisras. In 1964 the school splitted into Hoërskool Ellisras and Laerskool Ellisras, with a combined enrolment of 363 learners. In 1965 JP de Beer was appointed as acting principal.


In the mean time the High School building was being build from 1 May 1963 by Capital Construction. With the opening of the schools in January 1966 the buildings were completed and occupied. JP de Beer was appointed as principal. In January 1969 PJC van Dyk became the next principal and the intensive endeavour for

sport fields was started.


During 1980 Eskom announced that a power station at Lephalale will be erected. The new development was seen with great anticipation. In August 1981 the building of houses for Eskom workers progressed well. A noticeable trend was steady to rising numbers - for August 360 pupils was a clear increase in learner numbers.


Today Hoërskool Ellisras is under the leadership of Mr. Louis Campbell and the school boasts with several outstanding performances at local, provincial and national level.


Code of Honour

To God and His Word only, we give honour

 in our school and in our lives.

We are loyal towards our nation, language

and tradition.


We are loyal towards our school:

we work for the good name and

honour of our school.

We want to live our lives so that we are

pure in body and in spirit, true to the

demands of our conscience.


We honour and respect our parents and teachers.

We accept all the authority commissioned over us.

We strive to always to be honest and sincere.


We are always ready to serve.

We want to be friendly and courteous

towards each other.

We want to use the talents God gave us

so that we do every task as if

we are doing it for God Himself.

We strive for the everlasting, not the temporary.

Our word is our honour.

From The Principal's Office

Mr. Joubert's main aim is to see to it that Hoërskool Ellisras achieves in all areas, academics, sport and cultural activities.


Secondly he aims to serve the community and to see to it that each matriculant is ready for the challenges of adulthood. He stresses that children are confronted with huge challenges and many demands are made on them.


Education is Mr. Joubert's passion. He sees the school environment as one where positivity reigns and where lives are touched.


He believes that one should lead a balanced life and would like to see learners taking part in exstramural activities.


He will apply an open-door policy and encourages learners to feel free to approach him.


He is passionate and excited to see what the future holds.

Mr. Adriaan Joubert

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